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XIDAR empowers everyone with advanced yet simple products, enabling easy and safe exploration and navigation of the future digital landscape .
XIDAR is your personal portal into the world of Radix DLT. Discover "the DeFi game-changer" with us.
XIDAR makes Web3 and DeFi onboarding a seamless experience for all users, regardless of your tech knowledge.
XIDAR harnesses the power of the Radix DLT network to provide accessible no-code solutions with a simple and streamlined process.

We are XIDAR

We streamline web3 & DEFI

XIDAR is a service and tool provider that offers easy-to-understand, robust, and user-driven solutions, enabling an unparalleled experience and exploration of the future of Web3 and DeFi.

XIDAR streamlines Web3 and DeFi space, ensuring high quality and efficiency throughout the process.

At XIDAR, we strongly believe, that regardless of your technical expertise and comprehension of Web3 and cryptocurrencies, it should NOT impede your ability to make the most of the ongoing technological and financial paradigm shift

Our products prioritize an exceptional user experience and provide a safe guidance for navigating this, sometimes overwhealming, space.

We welcome you to experience the power of DeFi and Web3 with XIDAR‘s suite of innovative products.

Enjoy your personal gateway to simplicity

We build on RADIX

The ONLy Future-proof L1 solution

The web3 revolution is currently underway and requires a groundbreaking technology to propel it into the future. After thorough consideration, Xidar decided to build on Radix due to its uniquecomprehensiveintegrated bottom-up technological approach.

We firmly believe that the Radix Public Network is the only platform that can fully support our vision of Web3 DeFi and turn it into a reality. With Radix, we can fully leverage a decentralized network that enables fast and secure development without sacrificing scalability or composability.

Radix is the inevitable solution for Web3.

Xidar is the disruptive game-changer that will allow you to easily experience the limitless potential of the RADIX DLT. We invite you to join us in this endeavor and not miss out on this opportunity.

Our Products

XIDAR Wallet

An industry-leading browser, stand-alone, and soon-to-be mobile wallet for the Radix network.

Trusted Network Validator (KYCed)

 XIDAR ranks consistently among the foremost network validators.

Investment DAO

Create, vote, and execute investment proposals supported by the XIDAR and Radix community.

No-Code EZ dApp Creator

Propose an innovative dApp concept, get funded (or not) and bring it to life.

Web3 Mini Games

Combining the best of Web3, NFTs and gaming. Discover the Radix ecosystem, collect, play and earn!

We continuously improve and release new products

Xidar Wallet


Manage, send, receive, stake and swap all tokens and NFTs from the Radix DLT network on your web browser & (soon) mobile.

Control, organize and track your Radix crypto-portfolio in one efficient & beautiful application.

Fast, easy an safe exploration of Web3 right in your browser: Access DeFi apps, buy NFTs, play games, etc.

Enjoy the power of advanced simplicity:

  • Multi-accounts
  • Multi-addresses
  • Send to multiple address in one transaction
  • QR code to import/export accounts
  • Searchable transaction history
  • Customisable address book
  • Token creation
  • I’m alive option (account recovery)

Mobile (iOS & Android) & Hardware wallet support soon.

Wallet Features


Create or import multi-accounts and addresses with aliases.


Create/show/hide/remove token categories and get extended infos.


Search among all transactions using powerful filters.


Choose one or many validators to stake your XRD.


Easy in-app swap with no additional fee and best rate.

Address Book

Add contacts, notes and sync with Telegram for profile pictures

My Tokens

Create native Radix tokens with fixed or mutable supply.

I'm Alive

An automatic and personalised wallet recovery procedure.

Airdrop tool

Send tokens to a list of addresses in one transaction.


Buy XRD directly with your credit card using Switchere.


Never miss important notifications from the ecosystem.


Browser wrapped and fully encrypted by a password-protected unique key

Xidar Roadmap

See what was done and what's coming up
First, what was done ...


Xidar Inception

The inaugural release of the Xidar project is publicly available with the objective of establishing itself as a prominent undertaking within the Radix Ecosystem.

April 2021


Validator Node

The Xidar validator node is ONLINE and among the top 100 nodes. Low fees and virtually perfect uptime for all our delegators.

September 2021


Xidar Collection

The first Xidar web3 mini-game is live. Collect badges with your network activity, boost your power with NFTs and engage into friendly battles.

December 2021


Xidar Structure

The structure of the Xidar project is entirely revised and evolves into a real company.

April 2022


La Bagarre I & II

The first and second edition of our second web3 mini-game. Fun friendly clicking battles between two Radix DLT projects.

May 2022


La Bagarre III

Third edition of La Bagarre. Great commitment from Buff Wild Crew and RoidBoyz communities.

June 2022


Xidar Wallet (Alpha)

The alpha version of the Chromium browser extension Xidar Wallet is released.

October 2022


Official Xidar Wallet

Release of the official Chrome web store version of the Xidar Wallet. The wallet is free to use for all the Radix community members.

November 2022


Xidar Team & Investors

To sustain our various projectsm the Xidar Team grows with the addition of a head designer, extra developper and 2 major advisors. Two high-profile investors join the adventure.

February 2023


Xidar Wallet v2

Following community feedback, a new version of the Chromium browser web extension wallet is released with new functionalities and much improved UI/UX.

March 2023


Updated Website

To underline and reflect the major improvements made by Xidar in 2023, the website was re-designed and updated.

April 2023

Products Dashboard

The Xidar Dashboard is out ! Every Xidar user can now: (i) Claim and set the frequency for collecting your rewards (ii) Track your staking rewards (iii) Monitor the price of $XRD More features will be added after the Babylon Mainnet migration.

July 2023

Then, what's coming...
Roadmap will be updated regularly to reflect the latest developments
(The information below is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a hard commitment)


Xidar Wallet v3

The Xidar Wallet v3 was completely reworked with major UI/UX upgrade and technical optimisations to improve the overall experience and performances. Mobile versions (iOS & Android) are also completed. However the Xidar team will wait to properly test the new Radix Babylon Wallet (release planned end of September 2023) to see which features are missing and how we can make it better before releasing it. Further information regarding this matter will be provided in due time.

Q3-Q4 2023 (Forecast)


No code EZ dAPP Creator

The beta-test release of the No Code EZ dAPP Creator is released. Join our testers, create awesome dAPPs for the Radix DLT network and get exclusive benefits.

Q4 2023 - 2024


Investment DAO

The first version of the investment DAO app is open for beta-test. This first release will be used as a sandbox to fine adjust the concept.

Q1-Q3 2024 (Forecast)


Full Babylon Integration

Following the major Babylon upgrade of the Radix DLT , Xidar will strive to make sure all of its products are perfectly integrated in this network release with the focus being clearly set on providing safe, easy to use and powerful dApps. Decentralisation and DeFi are here !

2023-2024 (Forecast)

Xidar Team

Meet our team
Core Team

Cédric L.

Founder & CEO - Lead Dev.

Rémy G., Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CSO

Ueli K.

Infrastructure Manager

Lysiane D.

Head of Design

Anne A.

Regulatory Attorney

Chérine H.

Legal & Tax Attorney

Aurore S.

Administrative Support

Audrey L.

Technical Support


Pascal L.

Board Member

Xidar is expanding !

Interested to join an exciting Web3 adventure ?

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