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Uncomplicating Smart contracts

The Radix DLT network provides a highly innovative and secure network for creating robust, efficient, and resilient dApps. With its advanced network design and virtually limitless capabilities, it is crucial to redefine the concept of a dApp on Radix from both the user and developer perspectives.

It is thus highly recommended to read the excellent Radix Blog articles on the topic.

With Xidar and its dApp Creator, you can now easily create and deploy smart contracts, using best-in-class Xidar and Radix “blueprints” and security features. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive tools allow anyone to leverage the benefits of decentralisation, without the complexities and costs associated with traditional development.

Join the Radix smart contract revolution today with dApp Creator !

The No Code EZ dApp Creator is a platform that will allow not only to create a dApp but also propose dApp ideas and to get the Xidar Community to find and/or fund the potential creator to “develop” the app. Once released, a portion of the generated royalties will be shared among the dApp’s backers.

The No Code EZ dApp Creator is a platform that brings the power of Radix DLT smart contracts to everyone, without requiring any technical expertise (NO coding skills required).

Visual Creativity

Simplify web3 complexity

Our no-code EZ dApp Creator offers a unique experience. It immerses you in your dapp workflow and gives you the ability to turn your ideas into powerful dapps only using drag & drops, actions, pre-built blocks, blueprints and links.

With the EZ dAPP creator, making complex things simple is now possible ! Coding just does not exist in our creator platform, it is 100% visual !

Get everything you need to easily configure your dApp at the “drag & drop” of your finger. Set up your link flow, data structures, actions, conditions, API requests, … Every section is made to make your experience as smooth and simple as possible.

The Xidar EZ No-code dAPP creator offers the flexibility to either maintain simplicity or customize complex settings and scenarios, while prioritizing the security, efficiency and reliability of the dApp.

Our aim at Xidar is to simplify and open up web3 and the cryptospace to everyone. We believe that our modular, codeless, and visual approach with the EZ dApp Creator is the best way to turn any idea or vision into a reality. You don’t have to take our word for it, give it a try yourself !

Alpha Preview



Kindly note that the current version of the dApp creator is still in its alpha stage and is intended solely for preview purposes. The EZ No-Code dApp Creator is actively under development, and therefore, the images and product presented here are for illustrative purposes only and may not accurately represent the final product. Xidar retains the right to modify the product specifications, visual elements, and features without prior notice.

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