Xidar Node Validator

Your trusted, Proven and reliable staking node for the radix dlt

How to stake with XIDAR ?

Step 1

Download the Xidar Wallet

Step 2

Open the Wallet & click on the "Staking" section

Step 3

Click "Add Stake" and choose the XRD amount to stake

Step 4

Confirm ! Gongratulations ! You are now staked with Xidar

Why staking with XIDAR ?

Participating in staking is an important action for Radix token owners, as it allows to earn XRD staking rewards while simultaneously support the security and decentralization of the Radix Public Network.

In addition, stakers of the Xidar Validator node receive regular IDA staking airdrops as a function of their staking amount (up to 100 000 XRD max) and staking history

There is NO downside staking with Xidar !  Only benefits !
Join us today !

Stake your XRD on XIDAR node (Manual)


Live Status & Dashboard Coming Soon


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